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Two more days...

Two more days until my 3rd semester starts.  I can hardly believe that the next time I start school in January will be the semester that I GRADUATE!! 

So, I may have mentioned that I had to take an orientation "class" for the hospital that I'm going to have clinicals in this semester, and it was fine, except for one thing.  I do NOT feel prepared to work in a hospital.  I know I won't technically be working there, I mean my teacher will be with me, but jeez louise, when I was going over the EMR I was thinking, goodness gracious, when will I learn all this stuff???  It seemed like so much information that I don't think I know at all.  Pretty scary. 

For this first week of class we have skills lab where we're learning about IV infusion therapy & stuff like that.  That's all fine and dandy EXCEPT for the fact that they want us to wear "business casual" clothing to school.  I mean seriously??  Why in the world do we have to dress up to go to freaking school??!!  So annoying.  I mean the best thing about being a nurse is getting to wear scrubs and NOT having to dress up.  I need to go shopping soon though b/c I don't really have any flat shoes that I can wear. I'm thinking something like these

In black & brown.  Just a little flat that I can throw on with my "business casual" outfits.  Ugh!
Anyhoo, I got my FOUR hour orientation done for the hospital, took my test & made the required 84% on the first try, thank goodness!!  Then we had to look over some notes for the OTHER hospital & actually take notes on the ppt to turn in for credit.  That was pretty ok, it was only like 47 slides & it was all stuff I already knew, so that was no biggie. 
Now I just have to get my school supplies & books, but I'm waiting on my student loan to come in for that.  Oh the life of a broke student!  I can't wait until this semester is over with so that I can acutally get a job & make some money!!! Even if it is just a little, that's better than NONE!! 
Ok well I guess should jump off here & try to go to sleep a little early (even if it is already 12:30 am).  I told my hubby I was going to be sorry when school rolls around.  No more staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning & then sleeping until noon!!  Tomorrow night I'm going to have to force myself to go to bed by 10:00!!
Hope everyone is having a great week!!


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    1. Thanks! Every time I see something that seems overwhelming I just have to remind myself that if I can get through Statistics & Patho, then I can pretty much get through & conquer anything, lol.

  2. That is so exciting! I can't wait until I'm at the point where I can say that I'll be graduating soon! Here's too a good semester!

    1. It is so exciting. I mean I know I still have a ways to go, but just being so close to the halfway mark is so exciting!! You'll be there one day soon! :)

  3. I never understood the whole business professional dress code either...why can't we just come in scrubs b/c that's what we'll be wearing anyways! I think they are secretly sending subliminal messages to continue to go back to school to get your masters, which then business casual will be more appropriate. But until then, I say rock the scrubs!

    1. Haha, I totally agree. And the thing I hate the most about "business casual" is the stupid lab coats!! I feel like such an imposter having to wear a long lab coat. I feel like we're impersonating the doctors & I don't like that at all. Needless to say I won't be wearing my lab coat when I go to get my patient, I'll be wearing my scrubs.


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