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Friday, November 18, 2011

Excitement again!!!

Ok, so today when I went to my provider's office to get my health assessment letter for school, the nurse there asked me what program I was going into. When I told her she said that was the same one she was currently in. Well you know what THAT means, that I had to TOTALLY pick her brain clean of any and all information I could get that I had to ask her a few questions. So a little background. When I took A & P I & II & Microbiology I'll be honest, I never cracked a book. I didn't read anything other than my notes and I only studied about 4-6 hours a week total (even less for A & P II, I really hated that class). So, you can imagine my total terror upon hearing stories about having to read 7 chapters for one test, when I've never even read the first chapter of anything. So of course that was my FIRST question. I told her about my study habits up until now & she just laughed & said the SAME THING! She said she was the same way and that even now (she's in her 4th semester, there are 5 total) she still hasn't read any of the chapters and that yes if I could do that well in A & P I & II & Micro w/o reading the book, that I'd be just fine doing the same once I started at Blarvard. She said she reads her notes and the handouts that the teacher gives and that's what she uses to take her tests on & she does just fine. WHEW that was SUCH a relief to hear!!

Now, before you go getting all uptight, it's not that I'm opposed to reading the material and I TOTALLY will if I feel like I need to, BUT if I don't HAVE to read it to pass the tests, then I'm sorry, I'm just not going to. We're all different & learn in different ways, so don't blow a gasket over this :)

Anyhoo, one more step done. Now all I have left to do is send this health assessment off & set up my CPR class. I left a vm with one of them but I haven't heard back from them, so I guess I need to call again. OH and btw, I got into that CNA class. I can't really say I'm happy or excited about that, but I know that the experience will be good for me and also it will be good to have that skill in case I need to look for a job, which I'm still hoping I won't have to.

Soooooo, getting closer every day.................. Woohoo!


  1. I'm just saying if you're going to spend nearly $1000 in books, you mine-as-well get your money's worth. I usually look things up in my books that weren't made crystal clear in lecture which for me happens more than it should. Good for you for getting into that CNA program, if and when you get a chance to work with patients before you start clinical on the floor is an added bonus. PS, I like your countdown clicker.

  2. Ok don't get me wrong, I will use the books, I just don't see myself reading seven chapters when I never have before. I do use my books though. Do you read everything assigned?