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Monday, November 14, 2011

Step 1...

Ok so tomorrow I am going to get my school ID. I have to go & pick it up so that they can activate it for me. You need it to get into places like the labs I believe and without it the doors won't open. Which is kind of cool, but also makes me wonder why you'd need a locked door with a security pass to get into it? I guess I'll find out. Also, I talked to Financial Aid today & she said that my loan was in place, that all I had to do was to go in and accept the "award". I don't really know why it's called an award when I'm going to be paying that sucker back for the rest of my life next 10 years or so. Shorter if I'm lucky :) But I was just happy to hear that that is in place. So I have to go by there tomorrow too & fill out a paper regarding that. Also, I found out I don't have to meet with an advisor. I just have to keep watching my student email and they will notify me when I am allowed to go and register and then I just go online & do it. So that's not too hard. I'm a teeny bit worried about getting my CPR class in. I need to call around tomorrow & see if I can get into one of the classes that they sent me info about. Also, I got the call today for the interview for the CNA class. I am going to do it, but dangit if it isn't 3 1/2 weeks long, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of December. I mean I'm already deadlined to death with nursing school, but then on top of that you add a 3 1/2 week class AND Christmas. Holy shamoley!! I have an interview for that this Wed at 9:15 am. She said it's kind of like a job interview. Which I suppose makes sense because I guess if they like you then you could always go work there after you get your CNA license. I set up my doctor's appt for Friday to have my health assessment done and so far so good. I feel like I'm on top of things but I sure hate having a cold on top of all of this. Oh yeah, I have a cold :( I HATE having colds. But hopefully this is the only cold I'll have for the next 2 years :) Wishful thinking? I usually don't get sick, so I need to just go ahead & get this one out of the way.

Ok this post is kind of jumbled, and I am going to bed. Will post after my adventure tomorrow. I'm having a friend drive me to school so that I can just hop in and out of the car and don't have to look for parking place. Thank God for sending me such good friends!!


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