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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Totally NOT looking forward to the next 2 weeks...

Ok, so I'm pretty positive I've mentioned before that I HATE getting up early!! Therefore I can tell you right now, I am NOT looking forward to the next two weeks!! I start my CNA class on Monday and I am SOOOOO dreading it. Not because of the CNA part, but because class starts at 7:00 am!!! I mean seriously! I usually don't even get UP until like 7:20! So, needless to say, getting up at 5:50 is going to be BRUTAL. Of course on Monday I'm going to see just how long it takes me to get there & then I'm going to make sure I sleep ALL the say until the last minute before it's time to leave. Isn't that terrible? I can't help it.

On a different note, I finally got my schedule for school!!! Woohoo! I am so excited, although a little irritated that I haven't been able to register yet! Frustrating. And another thing that I'm not TERRIBLY thrilled about is that on Tuesday I have two classes with a BIG gap in between them. This is so annoying. The campus is almost an hour from my house, so it's not like I can just go home & wait on my next class. I'm going to have to lolly gag around campus from 11:15 when I get out of my first class until 3:10, which is when my 2nd class starts. Ugh. Yes I know I can use those 4 hours to study, and I'm sure that's what I'll do. Eat lunch & study. I mean I guess I should be looking at it as 4 UNINTERRUPTED hours to study, and I yes I suppose that is a good thing. But, I would just rather go all the way through and be able to go home early. Leaving at 5:10 in the afternoon means that I'll have to have someone get my child (if my son doesn't get his hardship license, which I'm REALLY hoping he will). But I guess it's only one day & truthfully that's only twice a month that I'd have to get someone to get her, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much now that I look at it like that.

Anyway, here is my schedule:

Permission to Register11513NURS3000Professionalism in Nursing
Permission to Register11514NURS3010Pathophysiology
Permission to Register11517NURS3030Health Assessment
Permission to Register16774NURS3040Health Assessment Lab
Permission to Register11534NURS3370Health and Gerontology

I don't have an elective, but I think I'm going to wait & take that during the summer, that way I can focus on these classes. I figure 4 classes is enough, especially with Patho. I'll just take my elective during the summer. I can swing one class, sitting by the pool :)

Ok, so you already know I'm super excited about starting school, but do you know what else I am totally excited about? SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!! I absolutely LOVE getting new school supplies. I love all the cute notebooks, the pastel colored highlighters, the colored pens, the new backpack, I love it all!! Speaking of which, should I get a rolling backpack? I hate to say it, but those always seem so nerdy to me. What do other nursing students have??

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  1. Hi Candi, I think I am your first follower! Oh I remember the days of waiting for my first follower! It was immediately followed by a second. I'm Melissa, I live in Georgia. I practically BEG people to read my blog! Lots of arm twisting involved! Ha! I look forward to reading yours. I have just completed my first semester and start my next semester Jan 9.

    I started my blog while taking pathophysiology. I started it so that I would have a "diary" to chronicle my adventure. I have all the drama. A class of 99 students, 90% of which are 20 years old, 9% of which are older adults who are backstabbing and have formed cliques. I am the 1% who is normal.

    As for the rolling backpack, I have an LL Bean roller I would love to sell. I bought it in July and have since went completely techno, meaning no notebooks and textbooks, just my Mac. And me. Let me know if you have any NS questions!!