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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Can it be true?

Can tomorrow really be my last day of my Med/Surg clinical rotation??? YOU BET IT CAN!!

Here's the count so far for this semester.  Two OB tests down, B's on both.  Two Med/Surg tests down, C's on both :( (but they were sooo close to B's), whatev, and Med/Surg clinical in the bag!!  Woohoo!  So far so good.  Friday marks the end of this first half of 3rd semester & then next week is Spring break & I will be almost done with the most feared semester of nursing school. 

I have to say I should probably listen to my very wise husband more often.  Say when I'm totally freaking & dreading something coming up in the future.  He tells me all the time to stop listening to what other people say & wait & judge for myself, but do I listen?  Not usually.  Should I? Apparantely so.  This semester has had me tore up since the middle of LAST semester & for what?  Well so far, nothing yet.  Either I'm am just getting used to the hecticness (yes I made that word up) that is nursing school, or this semester isn't really as bad as EVERYONE before us made it out to be.  Then there is the rumor going around that the teachers were getting flack for people failing & therefore this semester is easier than it was before we got there.  Either way I guess we'll never know the reason why, but for now I am actually enjoying my 3rd semester of nursing school. 

Like I said tomorrow is the last day of my Med/Surg rotation & I'm shadowing at a surgery center for my periop rotation.  I have to say I kind of enjoyed it.  Although the jobs are a bit repetetive in nature I could see where this would be a good job if you wanted to work "business hours", M-F.  One of the best things about the day was the plastic surgeon whose case I watched, he was pretty funny.  Once we got in the surgery room they plugged in an ipod & got to work.  It was a very jovial, laid back experience, and I was pretty impressed.  Also, the first assist's job was pretty cool, I could see that being a pretty neat job.  Of course they were sitting & the surgery took only about 45 minutes, but I don't think it would be that fun if you had to stand for 4 hours or longer.  All in all it was alright.  We go back tomorrow for more surgery fun & then Friday is our last day of class & I'm FREE for a whole week.  Well, sort of free.  I actually have TONS of stuff I will be doing over spring break in order to get prepared for OB, but still, at least I won't have class or clinicals for that week!! Yay me!

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