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Sunday, March 24, 2013

So happy!!

Thought this happy dance was appropriate as Easter is coming :D

The two things I was dreading most this semester are DONE!!!  The first was my OB group presentation (Yuck!!) & the 2nd was my Med/Surg research paper (double yuck). But those are done & I couldn't be happier about that! So now it's just regular old clinicals & tests for the rest of the semester.  :D  Yay!!

Of course I do have two HESI's, but thank God they're only worth 5% of the total grade.  One of the HESI's is a Pharm HESI (of which we didn't learn ONE thing last semester).  So I'm pretty sure it will be the first HESI that I bomb, but the other one is an OB HESI & I'm not too worried about that.  I have a strong B in OB & I'm still thinking I can pull out an A in that class, and I've always performed strong on all of my prior HESI's, so I'm not really concerned about that one. I'm so happy that the end of this semester is in site.  Seriously it can't come fast enough.  Now I really need to get a job. 

I have applied for several PCT positions in the three hospitals surrounding my house & I've passed my resume out to several walk in clinics, but haven't heard back from any of them which kind of sucks. I am thinking of going ahead & taking my CNA test to get my license & just get a job at the local nursing home since they're always hiring.  Plus, I heard those places are pretty flexible to work around your school schedule.  I think I'll go ahead & schedule the test Tuesday since noone else is giving me a call.  I guess any kind of experience is better than none.  Plus, I just need some moolah.

I'm excited that this week is my "off" week.  I have no clinicals this week!! So I can really get some good studying in.  Well I take that back.  I do have one clinic day that is an extra day that we had to sign up for this Thursday.  But other than that I am free on Tuesday & on Wednesday & I couldn't be happier about it!!  Our OB rotation only has us going to clinical every other week, and luckily my last clinical is the week before finals so I'll have a whole week to concentrate on nothing but studying for finals!! Yeah man! Bring it on :)


  1. Isn't it nice to be on the home stretch. While I avoid thinking about finals, and instead focus on the last day of classes, It feels so good, to feel the weight of school lifting. If even just for the summer. Good luck on your exams!

  2. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog!! I can't wait until I'm further along in nursing school as you are now; congrats on finishing those two projects that you were dreading!

    Amber Kay