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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So I went yesterday for my CPR certificate which was more fun that I anticipated. I was envisioning a bunch of note taking blah blah blah, but actually there were NO notes to be taken, the class was only 3 hours long and it went by really fast b/c the whole class was hands on. I love hands on. But the really neat thing was that all of the other people in the class (there were 4 of us total) were also going to be attending Blarvard in January. So it was the first time meeting my other fellow nursing students. It was a very interesting mix of people too. You had me, the old one. There was another girl who already had her Biology degree, but had decided to go back for her nursing degree, so she was a teeny bit older than your normal student, but not as old as me. There was a very young black girl and a young Asian guy. I loved the mix. Greg was the Asian guy, he was so very sweet. I can't wait to see them again in January!! :) Now the last thing I have to do is pay for my malpractice insurance and I will be DONE as far as jumping all the hoops in order to start nursing school. I heard from a friend, that she had a friend, (I know) who was accepted into the nursing program but didn't get her Background check stuff done and turned in on time (supposedly not her fault) and she was KICKED OUT OF THE PROGRAM!!!! OH-MY-LORD I would D-I-E!! So I am trying to be very vigilant making sure my lists are double checked. It's getting closer every day & I am soooo super excited. I started looking at stethescopes and I found the cutest one the other day that I'm pretty sure I'm going to order. It has all the bells & whistles AND I'm going to get my name engraved on it, woohoo!! This is what it looks like:

It's the Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope in Raspberry. Awesome.

And lastly, tomorrow I have an appointment with a free clinic in the next town over to do some volunteer work. Hopefully I'll get lots of clinic time there doing BP checks, checking in patients etc. Any experience would be great, so I'm looking forward to meeting with them tomorrow. Since I only have school M-W I will have time to volunteer on Thursday and/or Friday while my children are in school, but still get out in time to get them. It sounds like the best of both worlds (actually that's three worlds) but we'll see. I'm excited for all of it, bring it on!!!