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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The first step towards debt....

Ok so I know Dave Ramsey says you should pay for college with cash, but Dave Ramsey doesn't live at my house where we live paycheck to paycheck and where 1 income just doesn't cut it, but for now that's what we have to do while I start nursing school. Sooo, that brings me to the dreaded student loan. Man was it easy to get. Amazing how quickly one can become $10,000 in debt in just a few minutes. I mean seriously, I went from NO debt to now being $10,000 in debt. I mean it's pretty mind blowing when I sit down and think about it. I'm a no credit card/charge card kind of girl. My car is a clunker, but it's 100% paid for and the only real "bill" I have is our cell phone, to now being $10,000 in debt with the amount going up every year I remain in college, which looks to be about 3 more years. Wow, I just can't even wrap my head around how much debt I will have incurred by the time I finish school. Thank God the career I chose at least has a decent paycheck attached to it, but still this is scaring the pants off of me!! I think I'll seriously look into scholarships for next year. Do they have scholoarships geared toward geezers, lol.


  1. Oh I love Dave Ramsey! This is why I am paying out of pocket for school now and pretty much pay for my daughter as much as we can too.( Of course she had to get some loans) Of course I'd love to say I can live the way he suggests but we are just not there yet! I would love to be debt free... but in reality, college is too dang expensive!

  2. Agreed Christine!! For all my pre-req classes I paid out of pocket, but I knew once I started nursing school that there would be no way. Especially knowing that I didn't plan on working, at a minimum for the first semester. Although I agree with most everything Dave Ramsey says, the one thing I disagree on is going into debt for your education. That is the ONE thing I believe in allowing yourself to go into debt for.