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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Free clinic...

So went today & talked to the very nice girl at the clinic. She said they definitely need volunteers, so I'm going to start there in January once my kids go back to school. It's not a walk in clinic, it's by appt only & she said they mainly do maintanence type of care, you know BP & diabetes checks/meds. But right now any experience will be more than I have in a nursing role. I've done patient care before but it was for an orthopaedic surgeon & I basically did wound care, cast applications & removals. So, this will be a new thing for me. I'm excited about it. She basically said I could work whenever I wanted to, which she knows will be around my school schedule, so that's good too. I'll work it around mine & the kids school. Looking forward to it. Oh and tomorrow is my LAST thing on my checklist to be completely done and ready for school. Did I say the CPR class was my last thing? I can't remember. Well if I did, I was wrong. I have to go tomorrow & pay for my malpractice insurance (wow scary just saying it, to know that I now have the potential for a malpractice suit!!) and THEN I will be completely ready for school to start. Woohoo!! I think I'm gonna take my punky britches with me to the school & check out the campus a bit while we're there. See if I can walk around & find some stuff. Mainly the library & the gym. Since I have several hours to kill in between classes one day. I figured I'd take that time & head to the gym & do a few laps in the pool. The best laid plans.... ;)

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