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Monday, July 9, 2012

CNA class starts tomorrow...

Ok I'll admit it, I am totally NOT looking forward to starting this CNA class tomorrow. First of all, I don't want to be a CNA, like SERIOUSLY I don't want to.  Everything in me bucks at the idea of it, although I'm not sure why.  I don't even plan on being a CNA any time soon so I don't know why I'm dreading this so much, but I am.  Maybe it's because of all the stories I've heard.  I've heard so many stories about how terrible of a job it is that maybe I'm jaded.  Of course there have been a few people that have said that they love this job, so maybe I should stop dreading it & just form my own opinion.  I guess I'll know for sure in the next couple of weeks.   I think also I'm just not looking forward to leaving my baby girl.  Luckily this week my friend's church is having their VBS & Alei is going to get to go with them every night this week, so this will help since I won't get home until like 6:00 every night.  I just really love getting to spend every minute with her & Jordan this summer.  Thank goodness they start school before I do.

Ok gotta run to the next town over & see if they have the red scrubs we need to wear.  Maybe I'll post a picture of them....depends on how they look on me.

Hope you all have a beautiful week!



  1. I do not blame you I felt the exact same way as you when I had to take the CNA class to get into a Nursing Program here.

    The clinical component was pretty crappy...LOL

    1. Oh great. I'm hoping that having my CNA will allow me to work in a hospital when it comes time for me to have to get a job. I don't really see myself working in a nursing home. Also, I've had two upper semester nursing students who have recommended that we get our CNA license & use it to work & get some experience. I would think when it comes to being competetive for a job that someone with some experience is going to have more of an advantage than that new nurse w/no experience. So, we'll see. I just wish the course wasn't so long!! Three weeks puts me RIGHT when my kids go back to school. :(

  2. The experince will be good and the worst part will be wearing red.
    A good CNA is the life blood of a hospital unit. When you are a nurse cherish them because they can make or break a good shift.

    1. Several people in the class have told me about hospital jobs where they'll work around my school schedule so this alone makes this class worth it & the red scrubs aren't that bad. Red is WAY better than white!! Also, I think it'll be good to be in their shoes BEFORE I become a nurse, so I guess I'll just power through it. :)