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Monday, July 2, 2012

Direct answer!!

Ok, so my last post I was talking about what I should do about getting my CNA license.  Should I go ahead & get it now?  Should I wait & take it after this next semester?  I just wasn't really sure.  Well get this.  Last night I was watching Beth Moore's video series on youtube called God's Purpose for You.

While I was watching this I started thinking about all the plans that I have made for myself.  As I've said many times on here, I sort of have the next several years planned out for myself down to a T.  Well, as I was watching this series I started to really examine that.  I know that I want to get my nursing license, that is no doubt, but I started wondering, "Am I walking in God's purpose for my life?"  I mean, yes I've made these plans for myself, but have I seriously considered God's plan first?  So, I knew I needed to pray about this.  In Jeremiah 29:11-13 God says:

God has a plan for each and every one of us and it's a good plan.  I mean who can have a better plan for our lives than the one that made us with such loving detail? So last night I prayed that I would walk in God's plan for my life.  I prayed that my life would line up with God's purpose for it and that he would reveal that purpose to me and guess what???? The nursing home where I am supposed to take my CNA classes called me THIS MORNING!!  Now I haven't spoken to them since November of last year when I took the orientation class, but she said that I was on her list to call her for July's class to see if I was still interested.  I mean, can you believe that all those questions I had yesterday were answered in such a DIRECT way??  I mean it doesn't get more direct than a phone call people!! Isn't that amazing??? How amazing is it that out of all the other people needing God for one reason or another that He took the time to answer MY prayer.  He took the time to answer MY questions.  Why would He do that?  Because that's who He is.  God loves each and every one of us the same.  He has no "favorites" when it comes to His children.  Our problems, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, MATTER to Him.  I mean I was just blown away by that this morning & I couldn't wait to share it with you.  I am always amazed at God's directness to my prayers, there have been many times like this, I wish I had written them all down, but this one was just too great not to share.

SO, needless to say, I will be starting my CNA class probably some time next week.  It's a 2 week class & I have to admit I am looking forward to it.  I've felt a little stagnant this summer and it comes at a perfect time.  It feels great knowing that I am walking in God's purpose, it feels right & I know that as long as I stay in His purpose I will be filled with the peace and hope that he promised in Jeremiah and I am happy with this.

Thanks for letting me share this & I hope that you will all have a blessed week!


  1. That's awesome! So nice when there's an answer put out like that!

    1. I know it's so great! It reminds me of this joke:

      It had been raining for days and days, and a terrible flood had come over the land. The waters rose so high that one man was forced to climb onto the roof of his house.

      As the waters rose higher and higher the man prayed for God to save him. Just then a man in a rowboat appeared, and told him to get in. "No," replied the man on the roof. "I have faith in the Lord; the Lord will save me." So the man in the rowboat went away. The man on the roof prayed for God to save him again.

      The waters rose higher and higher, and suddenly a speedboat appeared. "Climb in!" shouted a man in the boat. "No," replied the man on the roof. "I have faith in the Lord; the Lord will save me." So the man in the speedboat went away. The man on the roof prayed for God to save him.

      The waters continued to rise. Suddenly a helicopter appeared and over the loudspeaker, the pilot announced he would lower a rope to the man on the roof. "No," replied the man on the roof. "I have faith in the Lord; the Lord will save me." So the helicopter went away. Again the man on the roof prayed for God to save him.

      The waters rose higher and higher, and eventually they rose so high that the man on the roof was washed away, and alas, the poor man drowned.

      Upon arriving in heaven, the man marched straight over to God. "Heavenly Father," he said, "I had faith in you, I prayed to you to save me, and yet you did nothing. Why?" God gave him a puzzled look, and replied "I sent you two boats and a helicopter, what more did you want?"

  2. That is pretty direct. Many people get signs and miss them.

    1. Many people get signs & they don't want to accept that it's the answer they were asking for. It's funny too, because while I was praying I was thinking "How is He going to let me know the answer to this one?" Haha, guess I shouldn't have doubted Him!!