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Monday, July 30, 2012

It's Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You just don't know how excited I am to be DONE with that CNA class.  Not only that, but we got out 3 hours early!!!!!  Woohoo!!

And even though I got my CNA certificate, I just don't know that I could ever work in a LTC facility.  Of course it may be different if I had my own patients & didn't have to follow someone around constantly, but then again that may be worse, who knows.

On a brighter note, only 27 more days until school starts!!!!

 I am so excited, although a smidge less knowing what I have to look forward to for clinicals this semester.  Oh well, it's only 8 times and since I already have an idea of what I'm doing, maybe it won't be so bad.  Luckily 8 hours goes by pretty fast in there.  

I can't wait to start buying school supplies.  I totally see a new backpack in my future since Cooper peed on mine.  (And yes Cooper is my dog & not my son).

Personalized Large Backpack Zebra Pink accents

I will probably use the same binders since they're still in good shape, but I definitely need some new pens, pencils & highlighters.  I loves me some highlighters :D  Ok, I loves me some school supplies in general.

I still need to get my scrubs, shoes & supplies.  I wish there was a general shoe that everyone loved that was super comfortable, but I know everyone has their own preference.  Maybe I'll visit allnurses.com & see what  is the most recommended shoe.

Thinking about this semester, I can feel the nerves starting to kick in already.  My nursing bestie & I decided we're definitely going to have to put in a bit more effort in the studying department this semester.  Well, at least for our hard classes like Research & Pharm.  I did pretty good last semester.  I got my first C in 3 years, heck for that matter my first B also, but all I have to do is maintain a 3.0 in order to get into the MSN/DNP program. (Not sure which it will be by the time I get there.) I don't do as well studying on my own, so I may have to branch out & get to know some of the other students in the class & find a good study group.  We've got a bit of a break in between one class and since I live 45 minutes away I'll be staying on campus, so that will be a good time to get some studying done.  Another thing Gregory & I talked about was immediately after our tests, we're going to get together & highlight everything that was covered on the test so that we will be prepared to study for the final when the time comes.  Something we should have done last semester, but luckily in our hard class (Patho) the teacher made it open book.  :D

What is everyone else doing to get prepared for school?  Does anyone pre-study for class?  I never understood that concept.  How do you study for a class you've never been in.  How would you know which parts to cover??  Just wondered.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

Be blessed,


  1. i LOVE school supplies.
    i could literally spend TONS of time on the pen isle.
    so, i was so psyched about starting my 1st semester a year ago, i thought i might get a head start on studying...
    unfortunately, my school jumped all over the book and didn't start in chapter one.
    once they put our calendar/lesson schedule up, i will maybe start looking over stuff then.

    1. I always have grand plans of studying BEFORE the semester starts, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I hate to waste time & to me it would just be a waste of time if I study something that we don't even cover in class. I may do what you said though & once they post the syllabus go ahead & be looking over some of the points. At least then I'd have a guideline to go by, but heck sometimes they don't post those until RIGHT before class starts. Oh well, good intentions count for something right ;)

  2. I need school supplies and I love school supply shopping!! I'm looking for a new back pack I usually carry my Vera bag but it hurts my back.

    1. I had a really great one last semester, it rolled AND you could wear it as a backpack. I did both. Usually rolled it around when I had a heavy day and carried it on the light days. I think I'm going to get another one like that.