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Friday, July 20, 2012

Ok what exactly IS an externship?

Although I am not close to getting an externship I was just wondering, what exactly is that?  I won't have to do mine until next summer. Here is what I think it is, a glorified volunteering job.  Is that close?  From what I've gathered it seems to be 10 or 12 weeks of volunteering somewhere in order to gain more experience.  Is that right?  And if so, how do you get the job?  Are there only certain hospitals where it is allowed?  Do you just apply to a bunch of different places and hope you get in?  I am wanting to apply to Vanderbilt
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in Nashville, and so far that's really my only choice.  Is this something where I don't need to not put all my eggs in once basket?

Ok, that's enough questions, anyone have any answers?

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  1. Gosh I thought I posted on my blog regarding what to expect for either an internship/externship depending on where you live. Basically you have the amount of time correct in some cases it's only 6 weeks long depends on the institution. Some externships are paid and some are not, but yes to gain experience involved with using all of the skills you've learned in school that only nurses get to do. It's incredibly exciting and usually is offered the summer before you graduate or right before you have one year left to complete before you graduate. So maybe for you that would be next summer. Ultimately the benefit to an externship besides gaining experience is to add it to your resume and hopefully secure a job at the place where you do your externship. Overall the school should help you and walk you along through the whole process including getting your application, resume, and cover letters ready for this big step. I hope you get in to Vanderbilt.

    PS I love your little picture of the nursing student;-)

    1. Girl, you probably have talked about it before, but I tend to go over & over stuff. Basically that's what I wanted to know was if most people choose to do their externship's where they are hoping to get a job. That's why I chose Vanderbilt, even though it's over an hour drive to get there. We'll see I guess.

    2. Yea, an hour will be difficult but if that's where you want to work then by all means go for it!

  2. Love the ecard! I stole it and posted on fb :) And I can't answer your question sorry