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Chapter readings....

Ok, so I'm a pretty rabid avid blog reader (OMG I just realized they put strike through as an option, now I don't have to type the whole <del> thing or whatever it was before & after the word, AWESOME) anyhoo, back at the ranch.
Like I was saying, I luvs me some blogs.  I read lots of nursing & nursing school blogs, and I always read about people & their millions of chapters that they have to read before so & so date and I'm just wondering....are you people really reading these assigned chapters?  I mean who has the time to read this stuff?  I had SIX classes last semester, if I read everything I was supposed to have read I don't know that I would have had the time to do anything else.  Also, the thing is that most of my classmates were like me as well.  I only know of a very few people who actually did all the reading required for our classes.  As a matter of fact there was this one kid that read the whole patho book, not once, BUT TWICE!!!  I mean seriously??  There was stuff in that Patho book that even the teacher admitted she didn't know what they were talking about.  So, why read it??  Am I the crazy one?  Now, that's not to say that I didn't read anything in the book, but I certainly didn't read the chapters that went with each test.  I mean we're talking minimum of six chapters per test ( usually way more) of Patho.  Even if I DID read it, I would probably actually only understand like 85% of it & then I'd probably only remember like 50% of it.  So, why read it?  I used the book as more of a guide.  I followed the outline & then I went through the book & highlighted what I felt was important and can I just say.  That kid that read the whole book twice made an A (he dang sure better have), but I made a B, and totally could have made an A with just a little more effort (and not reading the whole book type of effort either).
So my thought is, with every nurse I've ever talked to saying nursing is almost all OTJ when it comes to learning this stuff, why torture yourself?  And are you REALLY reading all this crap????

Just wondering :)


  1. I only skim read it. But I look through every assigned reading when the instructor says that EVERYTHING assigned is up for grabs on their exams, & when people before me who have had her say, "She was not lying to scare us, that she really does test on random stuff from ALL assigned reading."

    Heck in Patho I never even open the textbook once and got a B. Oh well some classes are just like that.

  2. Yeah, that's me too. I mean at first in Patho she didn't even give us an outline we just had to study EVERYTHING, which really sucked & resulted in some pretty poor grades. But after she realized this she started giving us outlines & that at least narrowed down the billion chapters. But, yeah I too skim read. :)

  3. I look over my power points really good and I look up things in the book that compliment the points. For instance if there is a specific theory or certain term I'm not family with, then for sure read what the book has to say because it's usually more in depth and easier to understand what the instructor wants you to know.

  4. Zazz, yep, that's what I do. I usually just use my book for reference & clarification. Glad to see I'm in such good company :)


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