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Monday, May 7, 2012


Sixteen weeks!  Sixteen weeks?  Sixteen weeks :(  WHAT am I going to do for sixteen weeks!! One thing that I hate about my program is that unlike most other surrounding schools it does not go through summer.  Therefore I now am the proud owner of sixteen weeks of nothing to do.  Ok, so not exactly NOTHING.  I mean my children will be out of school in 3 weeks & then I'll have plenty to do, but lazing around all summer is not what I call productive.  I want to be MOVING forward in school. Gregory said that next summer we can apply for our externship, which sounds REALLY exciting.  I'm hoping to get one here in town, preferably in the ER or the ICU, anything but Med/Surge.  I don't see myself being a floor nurse.  Of course what do I know?  It's not like I've ever been a floor nurse, lol.  We are also thinking about going ahead & getting our CNA license.  One of the 5th semester nursing students that we talked to the other day said that her biggest regret was not getting her CNA license & working as a CNA or tech. She said she felt like that would really have given her an advantage.  She applied for this really great residency program at Vanderbilt but she didn't get it & she feels like that experience would have given her a bit more leverage if she had it.  I was planning on getting my CNA license in June anyway, so if Gregory & I can both get in for the June class that would be great.  That's 2 weeks long.  Then maybe I can start working a little bit at the hospital during school.  Right now I am still getting my unemployment so that has helped, but I don't know how long that will last, so I'd like to go ahead & have that in place for when the time comes.  Of course I could always volunteer more days at the health clinic, I may go ahead & do that for the next three weeks at least until my shadow gets out of school.  That will at least keep me pre-occupied until then.  We'll see I guess.  I was even thinking about doing some work in my Patho workbook.  I mean who can ever know too much Patho?  :)

What are you guys planning for the summer?


  1. I will be in my 3rd out of 4, semester of nursing school, which starts in two weeks. Because in April I found out that I got into my school's Accelerated Advanced Placement LPN-RN Cohort !!

  2. Girl enjoy your summer!!! Read for fun, sleep and be a couch potato(for a few hours of the day anyway), play with your kids, cook supper every night of the week (ok not every night but more often), pull weeds in your garden, C25K, do laundry, clean those difficult areas you neglected during your school time, overall just throw off as many cares and concerns as you can because before you know it those 16 weeks will fly by and school will again be present and sucking the life out of you. Happy Summer!

  3. Rachel - You are so very right. I do have tons of stuff I could be doing, I'd just RATHER be in school. But I'm you're right, I have 16 weeks to do all that stuff that you mentioned :)

    AZmom - Good for you on your cohort program!!!!!!! That is completely awesome!! Will you have a BSN when you're finished?

  4. Nope AAS in Nursing RN when finished this December 2012, then in December of 2013 I should have my BSN. As long as I don't take any semesters off in between.