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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cutting it close!!

When it comes to my acceptance into nursing school I am NOT a procrastinator as with everything else in my life, so today I have to fax off all my stuff (driver's license, Life Support Card, labs etc.) off to someplace in order to cement my acceptance. When might you ask is the deadline for this? The 6th. This is the ONLY thing I've cut so close, whew. Also, I was looking at my list of things I need to get as far as books & stuff are concerned & I have to get a clicker??? What the heck is a clicker & why do I need one. Are we going to be taking our tests in game show style? Apparently is it supposed to help keep our attention during lecture by "polling" us? Weird, but this is what it looks like:
Does anyone else use these? I am excited to find out exactly how they work. Can't wait!!


  1. During presentations in lecture the I-Clicker as some people refer to it is a way to poll the class. There is a number specifically assigned to your unit. So it tracks participation, answers... etc.

    Interactive lectures without the hand raising and verbal answers! Large colleges use these the most since the lecture sizes are so big.

  2. Oh, that kind of sucks, I like being able to talk to the teacher, but I guess with larger classrooms it's not possible for everyone to just say what's on their mind or to ask verbal questions. Hopefully that won't mean that I CAN'T ask questions...

  3. You can ask verbal questions. These are for questions and polls asked my the instructor.