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Friday, January 6, 2012


Ok so I am totally working on trying to get this stupid video that I did forever ago uploaded. I want to get this working before school actually starts b/c I want to start doing more vlogging & less blogging. Well about nursing school anyway. It's getting close. I have orientation on Wednesday & I can't wait. I am kind of worried though b/c I am waiting on my student loan to come through before I buy the bulk of my stuff, but some of these things I'm supposed to have like by the end of the month (stethoscope being one) & I haven't even ordered it yet. Hopefully I can just order expedited shipping & it will be here on time. Oh yeah & that clicker too. I'm supposed to have it purchased & registered by the 28th. But luckily they sell those at the school bookstore, so hopefully that won't be a problem. I like this idea of renting books. I found a really great site & have rented one of my books for $22.00! That's a big savings AND when you're done with it they send you the return label & everything, you don't even have to pay to send it back. Very cool. These next few days are totally just like wait mode. I have no job, the kids went back to school & I'm just waiting. I think I'll take Zazzy's advice & get my house really clean. That at least will be one thing off my mind when I start school. There's nothing worse than knowing you have cleaning to do on top of a million other things. Or at least there's not for me, I hate having a dirty house hanging over my head while I'm trying to concentrate on other things. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to wait I go... :)


  1. It's the funniest thing Candi, I was super excited to clean and get the house in order before I started nursing school. Now that I'm on break I think I've just come to learn to let certain expectations go, like keeping the house clean. Picked up is good enough for us right now. My hubby is a real trooper with helping around the house!
    You're gonna laugh, because I think I changed my office/desk setting 3 different times within the 2 semesters I've been in school so far. I found that my desk area got neglected because where it was located wasn't ideal for studying. Now I have a big wire 3 shelf unit that holds all of my books perfectly and study in my bedroom where I can shut and lock the door. However I have my wire shelf on my to-do list to organize and clean before I start back again.
    I'll be thinking of you while you do your spring cleaning before the big start of your semester starts.
    You should email your instructor to see if you need your stethoscope right away or could you wait a few weeks. We didn't need our stethoscopes until 1/2 way through our first semester, just giving you advice so you don't have to pay more out of pocket before you have to.

  2. Zazz, well let me just say cleaning is NOT one of my favorite things to do, BUT I am much calmer in my soul & spirit when the house is clean. I'm am in NO WAY a neat freak though & can handle it just being straightened up. I just recently cleaned out the computer room, which is where I'd be writing any papers & such & it makes me feel so good to walk in there now that it's clean. Heck I think even my dog is impressed, it's where his dog bed is & now that it's clean he is has been sleeping in his bed again, lol.