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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Feeling a little better...

So things have been so hectic, I really haven't had the time to blog like I've wanted to about school. As I said before I was a little concerned about Patho, but I was just overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I needed to do with having 4 classes. Well actually 4 classes & a lab (I'm pretty sure the most I've ever taken). BUT so far I'm pretty much on track (I hope). I even got a praise from my online teacher for "encouraging" people to stay on deadline, lol. Uh yeah, I can't depend on them, either they get it turned in or they get left out! No, just kidding, I don't want anyone to get behind or to get a bad grade, so I'm glad everyone got their posts in.
With Patho I was a little concerned b/c basically all the teacher has done is give us some power points, read over them and that's it. No teaching really. But I talked to my friend who is in the semester ahead of me & she said she just thinks that the teacher just really doesn't like having to review this stuff, so she doesn't really get into that much, but that as time goes on that she gets much better & that she thinks she is a really good teacher. So that was encouraging. Also, she just told me that she just studied what was on the power points, so that was encouraging as well, that way I don't get bogged down trying to decipher and understand EVERYTHING in all 10 of those chapters. I've taken 7 of the quizzes & have until next week to take the other 3, but I'm sure I'll get those done this weekend.
Gerontology is going to be a good class once we get into it. The teacher encourages discussion, which I like, but I have to say 3:15 minutes for one class is EXTREMELY long. I just realized the other day that since I'm only taking these classes once a week, instead of a normal twice a week class that they are extra long. Phew, time can sort of drag in Gero, but it flies by in Patho.
My online class is going well, the only thing I need to do in there is make sure I don't miss any deadlines. I started to go to bed the other night & realized that I hadn't posted my summary!! Scary!! I jumped out of bed & got it done in plenty of time, but I think I'm going to have to put stuff like that in my calendar on my phone. I downloaded this pretty cool calendar app called Jorte, so I just need to make sure I put all of my stuff in there.
Then there's Professionalism in Nursing, which we have our first class in there on Monday, so we'll see how that one goes. And we'll have our first Assessment lab this week as well. I finally got my stethoscope, my blood pressure cuff, pen light & tape measure, so I guess I'm good to go!!
I think I was a little unprepared for how many classes were going to require papers. It's a little overwhelming & I think I DEFINITELY should have waited until this summer to take my elective, but I'll make it through, at least I don't have to work on top of all of this!! Big thanks to my supportive husband & unemployment, lol. I am going to start my volunteer job though. I start that next Friday. I'll be working with the GYN doctor who comes to the clinic twice a month on Friday's. Hopefully that will turn into a long term thing & I can learn a lot from working there.
Anyyyyhooooo. I guess that's it for now about school.

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