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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Ok how are you supposed to prepare for NCLEX type of questions when you aren't even sure what you're supposed to be studying? Also, how can you study every night for Patho & still get all your other classes attended to? One of the 5th semester's told me yesterday that Patho is a weed out course, um yeah, I feel like I'm definitely being pruned :(


  1. Are you in a BSN program or ADN? Forgive me if you have already given this answer somewhere.

  2. heh, if patho is like anatomy and physiology I had to do, yep. We started with 16 in our program (distance campus), and we're down to 8 now semester 2 has started on the lpn program.

  3. Cait, patho is more like A & P II, but on steroids. I am not relishing this class that much, but I hated A & P II. I loved A & P though :)