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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A small relief...

So today was our first unofficial study group. Basically it was just me & another student. Our morning class was cancelled so we went early before our 2nd class & studied patho for 2 hours. I feel a teeny bit better after studying with him. As I said before, I ALWAYS do better when I group study. So we're planning on doing this every Tuesday. I also sent out an email to everyone else in the class to see who else would want to meet.
What I do find fun though is meeting new students every day. I love the way we're all going to stay together through the whole 5 semesters, I think that will create some great camaraderie.
It'll will be interesting to see how many of the 65 of us actually make it to graduation. We actually already lost one. A girl whose husband was transferred. One down....


  1. The friends you meet in nursing school tend to be friends for a very long time after its over. I still talk to and get together with my clinical group friends for lunch, even though we are all in different stages of our careers now.

  2. That is so nice to have someone to bounce ideas off and study with.

  3. It really is. I do so much better when I group study. It's always great b/c if someone understands something you don't then they can explain it to you & vice versa. I always remember something better if I've had to explain it to someone else.